Order Information

1) Here is how you find your license key: Click on the OpenLimit icon in the taskbar and then on “Properties”.
Please note: If your license key ends in “LS78”, you are using the OpenLimit Reader. This program is no longer supported and an upgrade is not possible. Please order a full version of CC Sign. Further information

2) The software maintenance and the support period shall begin on the first day of the month following the conclusion of the contract. Starting on this day, the contract shall last for 12 months and shall be extended by a further 12 months each year, unless it is terminated in writing at least three months before the contract period expires.

3) The software maintenance contains an upgrade to the next highest version (2.8.x.x to 2.9.x.x), provided the latter appears within six months of the contract being concluded.

4) When you order the trial version you will, on the next working day, receive a download link and a license key valid for 30 days by e-mail.

5) As a business customer, you will require a sales tax identification number.