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Client Security: for secure business processes by e-mai
Security requirements for the digital handling of business processes are particularly high in the areas of e-commerce and e-government. The confidentiality and binding nature of all information transmitted are two core requirements for business and official e-mail traffic, requirements which traditional e-mail clients do not fully meet. The solution is called Client Security and refers to the digital signing and encryption of e-mails.

Multifunctional solutions for signing, verification, encryption and decryption
The solutions from OpenLimit expand client software applications like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Lotus Notes with functionalities such as encryption, decryption and digital signing of e-mails. In this way, the users can use the security features via their regular interface, making training sessions for the introduction of new software unnecessary. And administrators can continue to control their company’s own security policies centrally.

Secure e-mail, audit-proof storage
With OpenLimit, company e-mail traffic is well protected. This begins with the signing of e-mails (including all attachments), the purpose being to unambiguously document the author and the date of creation. Thanks to encrypted e-mails, the contents of the latter remain strictly confidential. After sending, you can immediately convert the e-mail together with all the attachments into the future-proof PDF/A format and archive in an audit-proof manner.

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