Electronic invoices – efficient and cost-effective
More and more companies are making use of facilities to transmit invoices electronically. The electronic invoice is advantageous to both the issuers and the recipients of invoices in terms of cost and efficiency and allows for media-consistent integration in existing IT processes. The issuer of the invoice saves paper, printing and postal costs, while at the same time increasing the company’s liquidity. Sending invoices by e-mail means that on average they are received by the customer three days sooner. The payment term therefore also begins earlier. And this has a positive effect on the cash flow situation, both for smaller companies as well as for firms with a high invoice output.

The invoice recipient also benefits
- a fact that is too often overlooked by many companies. Due to the automated import of electronic invoices in their IT systems, invoice recipients are able to cut down on check and processing times significantly and to optimise the accompanying processes. Recipients who comply with the legal requirements regarding value-added tax are also entitled to deduct the prepaid tax from electronic invoices.

Legal requirements relating to electronic invoices
For security reasons, the electronic signature is absolutely indispensible in these times of data protection scandals and forged invoices. If you fulfil your country’s legal stipulations covering signatures, a fully electronic invoicing system will provide you with a secure instrument coupled with a rapid return on investment. We will be pleased to offer you advice on the use of electronic signatures , for example to achieve eligibility to deduct prepaid tax, for data retention and the verifiability of electronically transmitted invoices (e.g. in Germany according to GoBS, GDPdU). Our expertise covers the entire European Union.

Issue invoices with OpenLimit
OpenLimit is the right partner for companies wishing to install an electronic invoicing system. As an experienced provider of signature software compliant with the most stringent international security standards, we develop together with our partners customised e-invoicing solutions to meet your needs. In addition to software modules, we can offer you templates for processing and for the adherence to legally compliant procedures, so that your system attains the desired security level.