Paper-based forms mean work and effort
Paper-based forms involve considerable time and effort for both providers and users. They cannot legally be digitally transmitted, but have to be sent by post. The information they contain has to be scanned by the recipient for electronic processing purposes or entered into systems manually; both are time-consuming and error-prone procedures. Furthermore, the data obtained are often incorrect and/or incomplete, which makes further queries and manual post-processing necessary.

E as in efficient: e-forms
Electronic forms are designed to facilitate the exchange of information between companies and customers, public authorities and private individuals, thereby avoiding cost-intensive media-breaks or the unnecessary storage of data. Whereas simple e-forms are primarily beneficial on an externally-oriented customer basis, improvements to internal processes on the part of the provider can only be realised with integrated solutions which intelligently link the available forms with the underlying process.

OpenLimit redefines form management
OpenLimit takes your existing form management system into a new dimension. The integration of the electronic signature enables you to digitise all your form-based business processes: The creation and activation of forms, online submission of applications, importing of data, extraction of form data as an XML structure and subsequent further processing in other systems, as e-mails or in an electronic archive .

Less effort, more productivity
The media-consistent processing of applications, information pools or other form processes quickly pays for itself. The entire process chain from the creation of the forms through to the acquisition, valuation and storage of the data is accelerated enormously. Simultaneously, processing times and error sources, as well as subsequent corrections, are reduced significantly. This saves valuable resources and tangibly increases productivity.

More usability for customers
Users of your e-forms also benefit from the digital signature. They can be conveniently competed on-screen, signed with a mouse-click and quickly sent online, replacing printouts in triplicate or the time-consuming postal route. All users need are a signature card, card reader and the freely available OpenLimit Reader software. This means that your clients can settle their affairs efficiently and look forward to faster results.