Digital identities

Protection against online identity theft
Can you really be sure who you are communicating with? In real life, the checking of identities using official or work ID cards can answer this question without any doubt. They form the basis for processes that are legally binding or of evidentiary value, or grant persons authorized access to IT systems and infrastructures. In the digital world however, this kind of unambiguous and secure proof of identity is often lacking. Insecure authentication methods like user name / password form the breeding ground for misuse of personal data (identity theft). The consequences are financial losses for business and households as well as loss of acceptance through negative PR.

Unambigous identities for mobile terminal devices
The trend towards working away from the office at any time via notebooks, smart phones or tablet PCs is growing all the time. Mobile devices give maximum flexibility but also pose a risk through unauthorized access to your company networks and server systems. OpenLimit provides effective protection by regulating access through the identification of your employees and business partners.

Fulfilling high compliance requirements
Companies and authorities must meet high security requirements when it comes to fulfilling data protection provisions and compliance guidelines. The frequently availed of access to security-critical applications and data via one-factor authentication – i.e. using just one user password – is being increasingly discredited because of the associated security risks. The security concept for digital identities employed by OpenLimit is based on BSI guidelines for the new German ID card. In this way, we are relying on a proven basis of trust for verifiable IT processes, which can satisfy the highest compliance requirements in businesses and public authorities.

Digital identities