OpenLimit DPS VerificationService

OpenLimit DPS VerificationService is based on the certified and confirmed OpenLimit SignCubes base components. It is deployed in networks, installed on servers or clients, and offers considerable advantages particularly when dealing with a high document volume. Verify large numbers of electronic signatures fully automatically in a background process, and document the results in a legally compliant manner with verification protocols in PDF/A format. Exploit the flexibility of VerificationService to define automation routines that precisely meet your needs. And save time, money and manpower doing so.

Save time and money on a massive scale
Whereas in a conventional verification process every signed document has to be verified by hand, OpenLimit DPS VerificationService runs automatically as a background process and generates a legally binding verification protocol when it has finished. Extremely fast, it allows a throughput of between 600 and 1200 verifications per hour. The time you gain here, for instance where huge numbers of incoming invoices are involved, releases valuable resources that you can use much more effectively elsewhere.

Automate your back office
The functional capabilities of OpenLimit DPS VerificationService are not just restricted to the automatic verification of signatures. The integration of OpenLimit Auto CRL Loader means that certificate revocation lists are continually updated in the background as well. You can even choose to automate the creation and legally incontestable filing of verification protocols. If the result of a verification should happen to be negative, the corresponding protocol is saved in a special folder and can be forwarded straight to your inbox with the help of a coupled e-mail client.

Rely on global legal conformity
OpenLimit DPS VerificationService is based on the OpenLimit SignCubes base components, the first solution world-wide to be certified in compliance with the most stringent security standards for software products in force today, Common Criteria EAL 4+. It conforms with international legislation and applicable commercial and tax regulations. This means that you are able to benefit from the cross-border legal compliance of VerificationService, for example by exercising pre-tax deductions in Germany.

OpenLimit Batch Verifier

Product features

  • On-going signature verification with the certified OpenLimit SignCubes base components
  • Generates legally binding verification protocols in PDF/A format (prerequisite for pre-tax deduction)
  • Individually configurable distribution and filing of verification protocols
  • Signature verification with the aid of certificate revocation lists or OCSP queries
  • Certificate revocation lists from all known trust centres are continually updated with the help of the integrated OpenLimit Auto CRL Loader
  • Verification of submitted and associated PKCS#7 signatures
  • Verification protocols can be generated in German and English
DPS VerificationService



Application fields

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