truedentity - Scalable security

Two-factor authentication for trust and security

truedentity guarantees mutual unambiguous identification of user and service. Based on two-factor authentication, the unique identity of all persons or machines concerned is checked before communication takes place. For this purpose, a truedentity server, as an independent link between the concerned parties, verifies the genuineness of both parties and then grants access to the secured data. The subsequent communication is encrypted and follows the BSI’s security standards for the new German ID card (nPA).

  • Replaces user name and password
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Forgery-proof through multi-step verification process via truedentity server
  • High-level encryption of data and communication channels
  • Combination of hardware and software security

Decide yourself

The secure authentication technology can be deployed flexibly, thereby offering need-oriented solutions with scalable protection levels. Examples of possible components for two-factor authentication (ownership component and knowledge component) include:

  • Physical token
    (mobile phone / computer / USB stick / chip card) and PIN
  • Physical token and one-time passwords
    (TAN list, mTAN, TAN generator)
  • Physical token and biometrics
    (iris, fingerprints, hand vein pattern)


One-factor authentication (user name and password) provides an attractive attack surface for identity theft. Even complicated passwords can be cracked with special programs and should therefore be considered very insecure.

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truedentity-eindeutige identitäten

Scalable security