truedentity - Registration & authentication

Creating a truedentity identity

Before a user can authenticate himself via truedentity, his identity must be prepared. The user will receive an activation code to complete the registration process. His or her identity will be stored only on the desired identity medium.

Authentication & login

In order to obtain access via truedentity to a secure area, the user must authenticate himself unambiguously. For this purpose, he uses his identity medium as well as a PIN / a biometric identification feature.

The eID service now verifies the identities of the user and the service provider as well as the latter’s authorization to read the data. If the mutual authentication is successful, the user will obtain access to the secure system.

truedentity is connected via standard interfaces to the service provider’s rights management system. In this way, each user can be authorized or blocked for individual access.

Authentication involves communication between:

  • Identity provider (eID service)
  • Identity consumer (service provider)
  • truedentity client (end-user)

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truedentity-eindeutige identitäten

Registration & authentication


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