truedentity - Product features

The truedentity client and server technology (technology stack) was developed in accordance with the BSI’s technical guidelines for the new German ID card (nPA). At the heart of the security technology is the interplay between application software (truedentity client), an independent eID server (truedentity server) and the electronic identity (truedentity ID).

Electronic certificates ensure the authenticity of the communication and of the identity data exchanged, while cryptographic methods ensure confidentiality and protection against forgery. In this way, truedentity reliably ensures that identity data is only exchanged with trustworthy, authorized communication partners.

truedentity Client

The truedentity client is the connection between the user’s electronic identity and a program used for authentication vis-à-vis the service provider.

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Identity data is only transferred after being released by the user
  • Can be used on PCs, tablets or smart phones

truedentity Server

The truedentity server is the link between the truedentity client (user) and service provider and therefore constitutes the trust-creating entity in the identification process.

  • Independent entity for unambiguous authentication of user and service
  • Secure and authentic reading out of the identity data
  • Retrieval of authorization certificates and revocation lists
  • Open server administration interfaces
  • Modular structure
  • Multi-client and cluster-capable
  • SOAP and SAML connection
  • J2EE-compliant solution
  • Based on the BSI’s eCard API Framework

truedentity ID

  • Securing the electronic identity through signature and encryption
  • Varied identity media (USB stick and chip card to name but two)

  Scalable security
Added value
Registration & authentication

truedentity-eindeutige identitäten