truedentity - Added value

With the increasing rate of abuse of confidential data and information, the need for greater security on the internet is constantly increasing. truedentity enables unambiguous identification of the players with whom you will come into contact, thereby offering many advantages for service providers and users.

Advantages for service providers:

  • Reliable identity verification as a foundation for your business processes
  • Securing of the core business by minimizing risks
  • Secure identification of stakeholders outside one’s own company infrastructure
  • Audit-proof, seamless processes with external communication partners
  • Adherence to compliance and data protection requirements
  • Harmonization of existing identification methods
  • Increased access security for your cloud services and applications
  • Better image by increasing your customers’ trust in your services
  • Extending the possible uses for your customer loyalty cards, membership IDs, employee ID cards, etc.
  • Immediate revocation of identities or access authorizations in the event of loss or theft

Advantages for users:

  • Security through modern authentication and encryption of the identity
  • Protection against phishing attacks and data theft
  • The service provider’s trustworthiness is confirmed by way of a certificate
  • Control over data that is read out or transferred
  • Can be used on PCs, tablets, smart phones, USB sticks, chip cards and lots more besides
  • Intuitive and easy to use

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