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Better image through increasing trust

For most consumers, digitalization in everyday life is definitely seen as something positive, as it means being able to make online purchases, execute banking transactions and book holidays at any time and in any place.

Yet anonymity on the internet proves an ideal basis for the theft of digital identities, and, with the increasing abuse of confidential data, your customers’ need for greater security in their online activities increases too.

With truedentity, you can use your customer loyalty cards for secure two-factor access to your web shop. Increase your customers’ trust in your services!

Secure access to your online shop

The use of user name and password represents an increasing risk for you and your customers. Whether caused by careless behavior on the part of consumers or by successful attacks on user data stored centrally in the database, in the wrong hands user name and password grant direct access to your customer system and can thereby cause major damage. By supplementing the login method with a second factor, e.g. your customer loyalty card, unauthorized access to your system can be effectively prevented.

Protect your customers from phishing mails

Bogus advertising e-mails also allow criminals to steal access data through trusting customers. Logging in via truedentity guarantees mutual, unambiguous identification of user and service. If the identity of the website stated in the e-mail cannot be proven with a valid certificate, no data shall be transferred and the customer will receive an error message.

Advantages for your customers

  • Security through modern identity authentication and encryption
  • Protection against phishing attacks and data theft through mutual authentication
  • The service provider’s trustworthiness is confirmed by way of a certificate
  • Control over data that is read out and transferred
  • Can be used on PC, tablet, smart phone, USB stick, chip card and lots more
  • Intuitive and easy to use

The advantages for you

  • Reliable verification of your customers’ identities
  • Securing your company’s core business by minimizing risks
  • Adherence to compliance and data protection requirements
  • Increased access security for your online shop
  • Better image by increasing your customers’ trust in your services
  • Expanding the benefits of your customer loyalty cards, membership IDs, employee ID cards, etc. (powerful chip cards)
  • Immediate blocking of identities or access authorizations in the event of loss or theft
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