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What would anyone want to steal from us?

Despite regular media reports about data theft and network attacks, many companies still feel a naïve, false sense of security. This means however that they are often overlooking their so-called “golden nuggets”, i.e. that five per cent of their information which is of existential importance for their company’s success and therefore has to be kept secret from competitors and news services. Such information may include strategies, pricing information, new product developments and manufacturing processes.

Employees are underestimated as a source of danger

Each of your employees has access to particular data and IT systems and is therefore a worthwhile target for cyber criminals. Should internal passwords get into the hands of external parties, this can end in catastrophe depending on the length of time in which the compromised situation was not recognized and the extent of attacked employee’s authorizations.

No less dangerous are attacks from within via employees who support or even carry out criminal activities for personal, political or economic reasons. For this reason, auditability and central revocation management are important security mechanisms.

With truedentity, you can have faith in the true identity of your employees and therefore reliably protect your internal as well as external systems and data from unauthorized access. At the same time, the unambiguous identification system allows activities to be allocated conclusively to individual employees in your digital processes (audit trail).

Access security for mobile end-devices

The trend towards out-of-office working independent of time and place via notebooks, smart phones or tablet PCs is increasing every year. Mobile devices offer a great deal of flexibility but also constitute a risk through unauthorized access to your company networks and server systems.

truedentity regulates access by way of employee identification, thereby offering effective protection. This means you can integrate mobile devices into your IT infrastructure without a second thought and have confidence that only the persons authorized by you can access sensitive company data.

Protect your golden nuggets!

  • Strategies
  • Pricing information
  • Product developments
  • Manufacturing processes
  • And lots more

Application examples

  • Access to company data (data memory, cloud)
  • Access security for mobile end-devices
  • Windows logon (with FUJITSU PalmSecure truedentity)
  • Generation of evidentiary value with digital processes (audit trail)
  • Securing internal company networks and server systems
  • Access control
  • Time recording

Harmonization of identification methods

Large companies and corporations often have several solutions to support internal, workflow-based processes.

With truedentity, different identification methods, such as employee smart cards, login/password and RSA tokens, can be bundled in your company network and combined to create one whole system. Existing infrastructures can be easily expanded, e.g. to connect mobile devices or to use secure 2-factor authentication with the new ID card.

Banking & Finance
Healthcare System
Industry 4.0

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