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Unambiguous treatment documentation

In the healthcare system, truedentity is always used when unambiguous identification of a person is desirable for access to particular data or access to secure rooms. One integration scenario for example is the medical documentation of treatments for at-risk patients. Doctors and external care services identify themselves unambiguously using their electronic identity (e.g. via an Android tablet), thereby gaining access to the necessary documents. By way of the electronic identity, it can be proven beyond doubt who accessed the data and performed changes (audit trail).

Other integration examples

  • Access control for secure areas (intensive care unit, laboratories, staff rooms, etc.)
  • Dispensing of medication
  • Clear patient documentation
  • Electronic patient documentation (e.g. via electronic forms)

Integration into existing infrastructure

  • Open server administration interfaces
  • Modular structure
  • Multi-client and cluster-capable
  • SOAP and SAML connection
  • J2EE-compliant solution
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truedentity-eindeutige identitäten

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