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Digitalization and IT security in government

From the implementation of digital administration through electronic access to services right up to compliance with legal regulations and formal requirements, governments around the world are facing the challenge of digitalizing their processes while at the same time guaranteeing the highest level of data protection.

As developer of the AusweisApp and the eID server for the new German ID card (nPA), OpenLimit possesses established know-how in the area of eID methods and guarantees a flexible security concept for need-oriented data protection.

The client and server technology provided with truedentity (technology stack) creates a basis for recognized IT processes as well as meeting high compliance requirements in businesses and authorities.

Securing physical and virtual access points

With increasing digitalization, both physical and virtual access to critical state infrastructures is becoming the focus of criminals’ attention. With truedentity, access to buildings and IT systems can, in combination with biometric features for example, be reliably secured using the same technology.

Based on two-factor authentication, the unique identity of the persons or machines concerned is verified before physical or virtual access is granted. The secure authentication technology can be flexibly deployed, thereby offering need-oriented solutions with scalable protection level.

Access protection examples

  • IT systems
  • Databases
  • High-security areas (e.g. government buildings, laboratories, armories, military bases)
  Internal Company IT
Banking & Finance
Healthcare System
Industry 4.0

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