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Competitive advantage through customer trust

Rely on a tried and tested, recognized data protection and security concept: through using IT security which meets the BSI’s technical guidelines for the new German ID card, you can gain your customers’ trust in your online services.

The forgery-proof identification of persons and devices as well as consistent end-to-end encryption enables banking and financial processes to be executed in accordance with the highest technical standards.

For example, you can expand your bank cards so that they become an unambiguous identity medium and use them for securely logging on to online banking portals, to electronically send bank transfers, to physically access safe deposit boxes and much more besides.

Application examples

  • Protection and document security of electronic data (bank statements, applications, contracts, internal bank documents, etc.)
  • Highly secure access to the online banking portal
  • Protection against password/identity theft, abuse of accounts, phishing attacks
  • Unambiguous proof of electronic data being accessed
  • Secure, legally binding opening of bank and custodial accounts
  • Electronic approval and authorization processes
  • Access to bank deposit safes
  • And lots more

truedentity-eindeutige identitäten

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