Functions - Smart Meter Gateway

The Smart Meter Gateway is a component of the smart meter and is the interface between consumers and energy providers. It should be seen as a key technology and is being promoted throughout Germany as an element of the intelligent electricity grid. The Smart Meter Gateway can either be placed near the smart meter or integrated into the smart meter.

The function of the gateway is to store, process and then send in anonymized, encrypted format to the consumers and energy providers the data captured by the meter, which can be read out in 15-minute intervals for example. The gateway will thereby in future allow not just the secure remote reading of consumer data but also secure external access by the user to intelligent end-devices such as feeding systems or eHome devices. This allows more efficient tariff classification for the meter operators on the one hand as well as optimal regulation of the end-user’s electricity needs on the other.

Three interfaces are defined within a gateway. The first is the Home Area network (HAN), which is the interface to the end-consumer. The Local Metrological Network (LMN) is the interface to the smart meter. The third and final interface, the Wide Area Network (WAN), is the connection to the external market participants, the energy suppliers. The Smart Meter Gateway also has the function of a firewall between the local area of the consumer and all other relevant players.



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