OpenLimit DPS SignatureService

OpenLimit DPS SignatureService is the perfect all-in-one solution for enterprises wanting to sign large volumes of documents such as invoices or digital inboxes quickly and with full legal compliance.The server-based service signs your files automatically and in a matter of seconds after entering a PIN number just once at the card terminal.

Simply expand your process chain with the „Signature“ module
OpenLimit DPS SignatureService can be conveniently adapted in line with generic enterprise processes. Standardised interfaces allow for seamless integration in existing systems. Running as a directory-based solution, OpenLimit DPS SignatureService automatically loads the files from pre-defined folders, signs them, and then stores the legally compliant signed files where external applications can continue processing them.

Profit from a centralised solution
As a Windows service, OpenLimit DPS SignatureService can be conveniently and securely controlled from the system management console. It has multi-client capability, is practically maintenance-free and requires very little hard disk space. As all kinds of signature cards and several card readers can be used at the same time, it is ideally suited as a centralised solution for enterprise groups with offices at different locations.

Send out a clear signal – with visible signatures
Decide for yourself where you want your signature to appear on the document. Choose an individual design for your signature, for example by incorporating your company logo in keeping with your corporate design. Or add your scanned hand-signature to your documents to make it clear that even in the digital world you have signed them personally.


OpenLimit SignatureService

Product features

  • Generate certified or advanced electronic signatures
  • Multi-client capability with a directory-based approach
  • OCSP verification of new certificates prior to use
  • Recording of detailed event logs
  • Facility for generating signature files or embedded PDF signatures
  • Visible signature can be configured in PDF files (size, appearance, image)
  • Freely definable file extension for the signature file
  • Capable of processing accompanying files
  • High performance through the parallel utilisation of multiple card readers
  • Automated error handling
  • Automatic e-mail notification for information, alerts and processing errors
DPS SignatureService



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