Secure Communication Gateway

IT security for networked equipment via embedded devices

Once different devices are networked and data transfer takes place, a potential target for criminals is created. The more sensitive the data, the more serious companies, authorities and governments should take the risk and the corresponding countermeasures. Embedded security is the key for future-oriented and competitive devices in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

Therefore the OpenLimit Group is currently working on a Secure Communication Gateway (SCG). The composite product of software and hardware security offers manufacturers of communication devices the ability to secure their products’ data transmission according to the highest technical standards. The protection technology is directly integrated into the device without any effect on speed or functioning. This way companies are able to fulfill their customers’ increasing need for security, ensure data protection and comply with legal regulations.

Protection against unauthorized access to devices and data

The offer is aimed at all companies around the world that consider secure data transmission to be an important component of their value chain. The new SCG will primarily include a hardware platform with board support package (BSP) and will enable functions for secure communication via insecure networks. Users of the product are developers of communication applications that need to be executed in a secure environment.

Recognized security software specialist

OpenLimit is one of the leading providers of signature and encryption software as well as of innovative authentication solutions. Due to the development of renowned technologies in the field of secure communication the group is also known outside Europe as an acknowledged specialist in secure business processes.

Based on large projects, such as the development of the first software generation for the new German identity card, the company’s own product truedentity for secure two-factor authentication as well as security components for the German energy market and the healthcare sector, OpenLimit has solid know-how and extensive expertise for the planning and the development of high-security products for applications in the field of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

Secure Communication Gateway