FUJITSU SecDocs powered by OpenLimit

FUJITSU SecDocs powered by OpenLimit is a BSI-certified archiving solution from OpenLimit and FUJITSU which takes a new approach of storing electronic documents: It combines long-term archiving with sustained preservation of evidential value, and is cheap and easy to maintain. SecDocs is scalable and can be quickly integrated in dynamic IT environments or specialised processes. Archive your documents using standardised, long-term storage media. Profit from unlimited readability and migration capabilities. And rely on a legally compliant, automated verification and oversignature procedure - even for large volumes of data.

Legally compliant security for your documents
Archive your documents in a legally compliant and audit-secure manner: SecDocs was developed and certified in conformance with ArchiSafe specifications issued by the German National Metrology Institute (PTB) in Braunschweig. The solution complies with the architectural concept laid down in the BSI's Technical Directive 03125 on trustworthy, electronic long-term archiving.

Archive data flexibly, powerfully and absolutely reliably
SecDocs can be precisely tailored to meet your needs using Web Services and open standards. The "invisible" middleware functions with PKI-based cryptographic procedures, time stamps and reduced hash trees based on the ERS standard RFC-4998. Evidential value-relevant data is "sealed" by the so-called evidence record and handed over to the storage system. This obviates the need for proprietary systems to preserve the evidential value of the data and significantly simplifies its administration.

Save time and manpower with oversignatures and migration
Electronic signatures have to be updated after about three years. SecDocs checks the validity and oversignatures of signatures using future-proof algorithms in an automatic, bulk and absolutely reliably process, even where huge volumes of data are involved. You can migrate your archived documents themselves to contemporary storage systems whenever necessary without any loss of data or auditing security. This means that you save time, computer performance and manpower - and keep the evidential value of your documentation right up to date, even in the distant future.

Evidential value-preserving archiving with Secdocs

Product features

  • Scalable archiving solution for sustainably preserving the evidential value of your documents
  • Automated verification of signatures and post-signing of documents
  • BSI certification in compliance with Common Criteria EAL 4+
  • Processes existing XML containers holding documents, meta data, signatures and time stamps
  • Compliant with ArchiSafe specifications issued by the German National Metrology Institute (PTB)
  • Sustainably stable, conclusively interpretable and standardised usable and signature data formats
  • Files can be migrated to any data storage systems suitable for long-term archiving
  • Secure authentication of users and specialised processes
  • Auditing and logging of all performed operations
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Plug-in interface with integration examples
  • Organisation concept allowing interlinking with multiple specialised processes and storage systems
  • Powerful administrator functions