OpenLimit Integration Suite (SDK)

Integrate our middleware in your DMS, ERP or workflow management system so that your users are able to generate and verify electronic signatures at a click of the mouse. The modular architecture of our software with its interfaces and easily addressable program library allows for a fast and smooth integration of our base components. Make your application legally conformant, and more secure and productive than ever before, with our Common Criteria certification.

Just start programming
The OpenLimit Integration Suite as a Software Development Kit (SDK) includes interfaces for horizontal and vertical integration scenarios. A special program library or coupling DLL which is addressed by the specialist applications is provided for this purpose. All processes are handled using this DLL. Detailed developer documentation, programming examples and the facility for copying and pasting sample code into your applications make integration really simple.

Retain your proven processes
The OpenLimit Integration Suite allows the signature technology to be conveniently embedded in existing IT landscapes without having to modify your proven processes. All you need to do is to link the certified OpenLimit base components with your existing solution. This applies even to extremely complex PKI infrastructures.

Integrate our legal and process security
Because the OpenLimit Integration Suite uses interfaces and does not interfere with the base technology, the Common Criteria certification and BSI confirmation of our components retain their validity. This means that both developers as well as users of third-party applications can rely on our legal and process security. Manufacturer explanations or new certifications are and remain superfluous.

OpenLimit Integration Suite


Product features

Program library
Developer documentation
Application examples
Hash value calculation using files
Certified or advanced signatures
Signatures in a batch process
Single signature verification
PDF/A verification protocols
Verification using CRL queries
Verification using OCSP queries
Silent background signature verification
Attachment of certified time stamps
Verification of certified time stamps
Encryption and decryption of files
Integration in server environments
Consulting by OpenLimit experts
Integration Suite



Available variants

Application fields

Integration of the OpenLimit signature components in thirdparty applications such as: