OpenLimit eID Server

The eID Server is the link between AusweisApp and the website, i.e. between the citizen and an online service provider. It is the trust-creating entity in an identification process using the new personal ID card on the Internet. The eID Server verifies whether the service provider is allowed to query data from the personal ID card and if the ID card is real or has been reported as being stolen. It encrypts and signs personal data to ensure that it is handled confidentially during transmission. The eID Server is designed as a logically independent server so that it can be used by multiple Web applications. It features multi-organisation capability and can be leased to third parties as a service. As the manufacturer of AusweisApp and a specialist in the field of electronic signatures with many years' experience, OpenLimit offers you well-developed components for operating an eID Server.

Keep full control
With the OpenLimit eID Server, you remain self-sufficient when it comes to offering online authentication on your websites. You can configure the cluster-capable eID Server to meet your specific needs. This means that you yourself make sure of high availability access without having to rely on third-party providers. The proven software components from OpenLimit are a guarantee for smooth-running authentication query processes.

Save on your running costs
An initial investment is obviously necessary if you want to run your own eID Server. The OpenLimit eID Server also features a highly secure hardware security module that prevents unauthorised access to the key material that is being used. Your running costs remain absolutely transparent. Your investment will quickly pay for itself even when integrating just a few organisations and you will achieve a ROI within the first three operating years.

Expand your service portfolio
Offer your customers innovations and expand the service portfolio of your data centre by operating your own eID Server. The OpenLimit eID Server features organisation and cluster capability. Your administrators can easily integrate and manage any number of internal and external clients.


  • Online authentication in conjunction with the personal ID card
  • Secure and authentic retrieval of data from the ID card
  • Download function for authorisation certificates and certificate revocation lists
  • Libraries for simple Web integration in Java
  • User guides, instructions, sample servlets
  • Open server administration interfaces
  • Modular design
  • Organisation and cluster capability
  • SOA and SAML integration
  • J2EE-conformant solution
  • Administration client for easy configuration
  • Based on the eCard API Framework from the BSI
  • Conformant with BSI TR-03110, TR-03112, TR-03130
eID Server



Especially suitable for

  • IT service providers
  • Full service providers
  • Major commercial enterprises
  • Public authorities
  • Local government data centres
  • Federal state data centres