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Check now: did your signature card expire at the end of the year?

Because of the increased order volume for signature cards in German trust centers, there could occasional supply shortages at the start of the New Year. Should your signature card have expired in December, we recommend that you apply for a new card soon.

In particular, holders of S-TRUST cards should check the expiry date of their signature card. As the trust center of the Deutscher Sparkassenverlag (publishing house of the German "Sparkassen" or savings banks) has ceased operations, many cards will expire on 31 December 2015. In this case, you will have to switch to a new provider, e.g. Telesec or D-TRUST.

No matter what provider you decide upon, the current version (v 2.8) of our signature software OpenLimit CC Sign supports all common signature cards from German trust centers.

Information for timestamp users

Deutsche Post Signtrust has discontinued its free timestamp service. In order to continue attaching qualified timestamps to your documents, please switch to an alternative trust center (e.g. Telesec or D-Trust).

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