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More and more companies, authorities and private individuals are replacing paper documents with electronic ones. If this is done in an optimized manner, much money and time can be saved. An important factor for success is seamless processes. With OpenLimit CC Sign, you can sign your documents electronically and therefore avoid any interruption of workflow caused by handwritten signatures.

Electronically sign documents in a legally compliant and simple manner

According to the German Signature Act (SigG), the qualified electronic signature has the same legal status as a manual signature. With OpenLimit CC Sign, you can generate qualified and advanced signatures. Your documents and e-mails can be signed electronically within the usual environment – if needed even directly in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. For example, you can verify the validity of existing signatures with the click of a mouse, generate individual signature fields or create embedded timestamps in PDF files. You can then convert signed documents into a PDF/A format suitable for long-term archiving, in order to then control them in your electronic workflow or send them as an encrypted e-mail attachment.

Work more effectively and more efficiently than ever before

When a signature is needed at any stage of a process, this is done with the inputting of a PIN and the click of a mouse. Documents no longer need to be printed and sent by post, and you are less likely to make a mistake. Instead, your processing times are significantly shortened and the efficiency and quality of your processes are enhanced.

Save time, money and manpower

OpenLimit CC Sign is an extremely cost-effective work-station solution, which promises noticeable savings in terms of work and process costs. The avoidance of media breaks through the use of manual signatures means you also cut printing, paper and mailing costs, leaving more time for your core areas of expertise.

SigG and SigV conformity for secure and legally binding signatures

The manufacturer-approved product OpenLimit CC Sign meets the requirements of the German Signature Act (SigG) as well as the Electronic Signature Ordinance (SigV). The base components of the signature software were the first to be certified according to Common Criteria EAL 4+ (the highest security standard for software products at present) as well as approved by the Federal Office for Information Security. The current components are based on this certified version.

The leading providers of certification services in Switzerland (Swisscom) and Austria (A-Trust) also recommend OpenLimit CC Sign as a signature solution.


OpenLimit CC Sign

Product features

Signatures, encryption, timestamps

  • Creates qualified or advanced electronic signatures
  • Generates attached or detached electronic signatures (P7S file)
  • Merging of documents and detached signatures in a ZIP archive (P7M file)
  • Signs electronic invoice files in compliance with the ZUGFeRD standard
  • Signs documents using the German ID card
  • Supports attribute certificates for signatures
  • Attachment and verification of qualified timestamps to any kind of file
  • Embedding of timestamps and OCSP requests into the signature
  • Encryption and decryption of all documents – supports numerous encryption algorithms

Signature verification

  • Verification of signatures and timestamps via OCSP and revocation list request
  • Creation of legally compliant verification protocols in PDF/A file format suitable for long-term archiving

OpenLimit SignCubes Viewer

  • Clear presentation of the documents to be signed in the viewer
  • Creation of embedded visible signatures in PDF files in the viewer
    • Generation of signatures in already existing signature fields
    • Creation of individual signature fields (mouse frame)
    • Automated creation of signature fields in the case of PDF signatures via the placeholder function

OpenLimit printer driver

  • Creation of PDF/A documents from all applications with the OpenLimit PDF Producer
  • Output also in the new file formats PDF/A-2u and PDF/A-3u

Technical information

  • Windows Logon with Smartcard for 32-bit and 64-bit systems
  • Supports all common signature cards, card readers and trust centers
  • Supported operating systems (client or terminal server):
    • Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit
    • Windows 8.1 32-bit and 64-bit
    • Windows 10 32 Bit und 64 Bit
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 Terminal Server
    • Windows Server 2012 R2 Terminal Server
  • E-mail security: Microsoft Office 32-/64-Bit and Thunderbird
  • Logging on to web portals: Microsoft Internet Explorer (32-64-Bit), Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
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