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Adobe Systems, Inc.

OpenLimit and Adobe Systems Inc. have been partners since 2006. The marketing agreement focuses on the marketing of the electronic signature that can be applied within the Adobe product line. With it, e.g. forms from the Adobe Reader can be electronically signed with the OpenLimit SignCubes Base Components.

CCP Software

CCP Software GmbH

The CCP Software GmbH has been marketing software and licenses since 1985 and offers complementary services in addition. There has been a marketing agreement with OpenLimit since 2006. The CCP Software GmbH is an Adobe Solution Partner and Adobe License Center. The marketing activities focus on the distribution of the OpenLimit signature products in conjunction with Adobe LiveCycleTM products.


cit GmbH

The cit GmbH and OpenLimit concluded a marketing agreement in 2006. The main focus is on the integration of the OpenLimit technologies in the cit intelliForm product line. Products of the cit GmbH are especially applied as innovative e-government solutions in the field of form servers at municipal and federal state level. Especially in reference to the cit document management solutions the OpenLimit technologies generate a surplus.



Computacenter is Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services. The portfolio has been enhanced to include OpenLimit products such as the Middleware Components for electronic signatures and identities as well as long-term archiving of documents with preserved evidential value. Thus, Computacenter provides and integrates solutions in existing IT infrastructures for customers in the fields of public administration, health care and financial services.

DSV Gruppe

Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag GmbH

The Deutsche Sparkassen Verlag (DSV) provided more than 25 million bank card customers with a check card with a cryptographic chip and the possibility to use the qualified signature. Therefore the majority of the customers can already use their bank card for signing.

dgn service

DGN Service GmbH

The DGN Deutsches Gesundheitsnetz Service GmbH, Düsseldorf, is one of the market-leading telematic service providers for the German healthcare system and issues, amongst others, the electronic health card in North Rhine-Westphalia. The focus of the marketing agreement is on marketing the OpenLimit signature solutions within the health care market and the operation of the DGN trust center.


d.velop AG

D.velop creates and merchandises software to optimize document-based business and decision processes in companies/organizations. With the integration of the OpenLimit signature technologies in its modular Enterprise Content Management System d.3, d.velop expands its standard solutions project-specifically, wherever highest standards concerning proof of document authenticity and integrity or individual document processing for approval processes need to be fulfilled.


Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH (FTS)

The distribution-oriented product portfolio from FTS includes IT infrastructure (hardware and low-level software) and system-specific consulting and support services. In this context FTS markets the OpenLimit product line as well – particularly concerning archive and workflow systems and especially with government authorities. Since May 2007 FTS has been providing Europe-wide support for all OpenLimit products.

Incas Medical

INCAS Medical Services GmbH

INCAS Medical Services GmbH is a nationally operating IT company in the healthcare sector. In compliance with data privacy direcitves, the full-service provider offers IT solutions, consulting and provision of components for medical customers. INCAS Medical is a certified KV-SafeNet provider for the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physiciansist (Kassenärztliche Vereinigungen). The OpenLimit components for qualified electronic signatures complete the portfolio of INCAS Medical for the secure communication between healthcare providers and paying authorities.

IntaSect Communications, Inc.

OpenLimit and IntaSect Communications Inc. have been partners since 2008. IntaSect’s subsidiary Openlimit Japan Co. Ltd. is an independent and  exclusive distribution partner of OpenLimit SignCubes AG, Switzerland, and sells all OpenLimit technologies and products in Japan and other select Asian markets.


KDRS/RZRS – Kommunale Datenverarbeitung Region Stuttgart und Rechenzentrum Region Stuttgart

Administration and computer services specialist KDRS/RZRS based in Stuttgart, Germany, has been experienced for more than 40 years and has a market share of nearly 100 percent in the region. The computer center supports local authorities in Baden-Württemberg with the entire product portfolio of municipal IT. In 2010, total revenue of 50 million euro has been generated.


RA-Micro GmbH

RA-MICRO GmbH located in Dreilinden near Berlin is the leading law office software producer in Germany. RA-MICRO is applied in more than 16,000 law offices and more than 60,000 workplaces. The company was founded by the CEO and lawyer Dr. Peter Becker in 1982. The portfolio includes the law office software itself as well as the RAe product line: online search, German Law, German law search engine, German law reports, German lawyer comment, toolbar and App Store.


Ringler Informatik AG

The Ringler Informatik AG is one of the leading producers of form solutions (Snapform) and e-tax-solutions (Dr. Tax Switzerland and Liechtenstein and Dr. Tax International). Ringler and OpenLimit closely collaborate with regard to the implementation of the electronic signature in leading form and e-tax solutions from the Ringler Informatik AG.


SER Solutions

SER has been setting new standards in the development of enterprise content management software (ECM) for the past 30 years. Its Doxis4 iECM suite makes document management and paperwork-heavy business processes easier, more efficient and more effective. With over 2,000 successful projects and more than one million satisfied users, there is no doubting the companies success. According to the latest figures, SER is Europe's number one ECM vendor in terms of turnover, gross profit, operating profit and number of employees. With a team of over 550 staff, SER provides its customers with personal consultancy services, assistance, implementation support and long-term maintenance. To provide the best possible solutions for a particular industry's requirements and business processes, SER has packaged its skills and expertise into companies for the banking, eGovernment and healthcare markets.



softgate has been a reliable partner in the development, sale and implementation of sophisticated software solutions since 1992. In collaboration with strong partners, its Document Capture & Management team has come up with some highly innovative solutions: automated document capture and distribution with professional scanners and Kofax Capture software, audit-proof digital archiving with the web-based DMS softgate-archive and secure long-term filing with physical storage systems. Through OpenLimit’s signature solutions, documents are made fit for purpose as well as legally compliant, thereby ideally complementing both the Kofax software and the softgate-archive.


T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH

OpenLimit and T-Systems closely cooperate at different levels. T-Systems evaluates all OpenLimit products before they are passed on to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for authentication and certification. Moreover T-Systems sells the product T-Telesec Signet that is based on the OpenLimit SignCubes Base Components. A further marketing agreement plans the marketing of OpenLimit Batch to major customers and multinational companies.



Worldline, the global player in the payments services industry, delivers new generation services, enabling its customers to offer smooth and innovative solutions to the end consumer. Worldline activities are organized around: Merchant Services & Terminals, Mobility and e-Transactional Services, Financial Processing Services & Software Licensing. In 2012, Worldline’s activities within the Atos Group generated (pro forma) revenues of 1.1 billion euros. The company employs more than 7,100 people worldwide.

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