No trading without an invoice
The retail trade has to deal with more invoices than practically any other industry. Many commercial companies every day issue more than 50,000 invoices, credit notes and debit memoranda. And although a lot of companies are already cutting the number of paper invoices with the aid of data processing solutions, enormous savings in time and costs can be achieved by converting to electronic methods for issuing and receiving invoices.

Faster sales with digital processes
The signature solutions from OpenLimit electronically cover all forms of invoicing systems from the direct sending of invoices using EDI processes and invoice portals through to centralised credit note procedures. Any number of invoices can be signed in bulk signature processes. The IT-based further processing of digital invoice data considerably enhances efficiency for both sender and recipients. Another positive effect is that the simplified acquisition of data by the invoice recipient and the accelerated cooperation leads to a sustained consolidation of the relationship with suppliers and customers.

More security and trust in online commerce
Online commerce is a sales channel that has been growing for years. However, a lack of security and reliability have prevented it from making a breakthrough. eID procedures and the electronic signature have enabled e-commerce to become significantly more secure. Once the purchaser and seller have definitively identified themselves using an eID process, the purchase agreement is signed with a certified electronic signature. This enjoys absolute legal validity, thereby creating a high degree of trust in online commerce. Uncertainty regarding the conclusion of contracts, data manipulation and dubious orders are now a thing of the past. OpenLimit offers digital identity and signature procedures that will benefit electronic commerce.

Fast integration, high degree of data integrity
The signature components from OpenLimit can be quickly and easily integrated in existing IT structures and business processes. Our many years‘ of experience dealing with complex projects continually flows into the ongoing development of our solutions. This enables us to realise the authenticity, integrity and security requirements for data as required in the e-billing sector extremely rapidly.