Public Sector

Every administration authority has its own regulations
Public administration authorities render their services for private individuals, companies and other target groups on the basis of legal stipulations. In many cases, these are bound to form regulations which govern, for example, how applications or notifications are to be created, authorised, delivered and processed. At the same time, both citizens and companies expect to have modern access channels to public services. Common keywords here are “virtual town hall” and “electronic citizen services”, or simply and briefly “e-government”.

New communication channels for administrative authorities
New opportunities are being opened up for administrative and judicial authorities through blanket coverage of the Internet and the ongoing development of computer-supported technologies. For instance, new forms of communication can be used to offer time und location-independent services, while at the same time simplifying and accelerating administration processes. But even where services are performed electronically, it must also be ensured that all the legal requirements are met. This is where the use of electronic signatures plays a decisive role.

Modern e-government with OpenLimit
Technologies from OpenLimit allow the consistent electronic processing of management processes at public authorities, and between authorities and companies or private individuals. Our signature solutions support a broad range of e-government projects, including electronic award processes involving the use of the electronic signature. Or the efficient handling of application forms, which are generated, released, completed, signed, and can be processed further, fully electronically. Our solutions are suitable for virtual post offices, multi-stage release processes or the legally compliant archiving of digital files.

Innovative standards for the applications of tomorrow
OpenLimit sets the pace when it comes to developing, realising and complying with standards. Our software applications support all signature cards used in the German-speaking countries and almost every card reader available on the European market. Software from OpenLimit already fulfils the requirements laid down in the standardisation catalogue issued by the German government (eCard API framework).

Public Sector


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