Process optimisation for greater competitiveness
Whether in the aeronautical or machine engineering industries, as a producer of raw materials or as an automobile manufacturer: To assert their positions in global competition, production industries make every effort to optimise their complex process workflows. Their maxim: Cut costs to stay competitive. And a potential for savings can be found in many areas, for example purchasing, production planning and control or in the sales processes for the finished products.

Increase efficiency with digital process workflows
More and more corporations are converting from paper-based to digital processes. Increases in efficiency can be achieved with consistently electronically organised workflows such as the digital signing of approval procedures, release reports, documentation, quality assurance reports, etc. The key to digitalisation is the electronic ID card in conjunction with the digital signature.

Electronic invoices are beneficial to both parties
OpenLimit offers electronic signature solutions that support all forms of invoicing systems from sending invoices through to EDI processes and invoice portals and centralised credit note procedures. The IT-based, further processing of digital invoice data generates considerable cost savings for both sender and recipients. A further positive effect is that the accelerated cooperation leads to a sustained consolidation of the relationship with customers and suppliers.

OpenLimit is at home in many practical areas
In addition to invoicing systems, there are many other process areas that can profit from a conversion to digital processing. These include confirmations of delivery, contracts or agreements and other legally relevant procedures. Using digital signatures and time stamps allows the reliable and provable recording of maintenance documentation, for example. Large volumes of data can be electronically signed and archived with full legal compliance automatically in a single operation with the bulk signature functionality.