Health services

A bulk-document industry
Hardly any other industry has to record, digitalise, forward, release and archive in the long term in a legally compatible manner such a massive volume of paper documentation as the health service. Signatures are already being used in several sectors by health funds, hospitals, health associations, doctors, chemists and pharmaceutical companies. However, many paper-based processes are still in place. Huge improvements in efficiency are not being exploited due to the lack of integration of the electronic signature in other operational areas.

Huge potential for process optimisation
The digitalisation of patient and administration information holds an enormous potential for optimisation throughout the entire industry. The declared goal is to reduce the high time and cost overheads for the processing, administration and storage of documents, and to make information available quickly and securely to everybody involved by means of interconnected electronic process stages. The usage of electronic signatures also plays a core role in the audit-secure and legally compliant archiving of the data.

Signature solutions for electronic patient files and more
OpenLimit provides signature solutions for all kinds of purposes. Transcripts, results or expert reports, for example, can be digitally signed and saved as electronic patient files. A digital signature is integrated to assure the legal validity of informational forms, which are then automatically transferred to an electronic archive together with the index files. The secure exchange of documents between doctors and health funds, the efficient creation of laboratory test reports, and the fully electronic processing of documents from the inbox through to the archive, are also simplified significantly with OpenLimit.

Everything about telematics
OpenLimit, in association with our solution partners, offers integral components and all-in-one systems for the general telematics architecture of the health services. We will be pleased to advise you on the technical requirements and internal organisational procedures, as well as on the basic legal principles and local authority acceptance. It goes without saying that our solutions support all projects relating to the electronic health card, ID cards for health workers and the health connector. In particular, our security specialists will help you to set up your card and application management systems (KAMS). Workshops, specifications and training courses complement our wide range of telematic services.

Health services


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