Financial services

The industry requires security
With their Internet-based services, finance institutes offer their customers convenient added-value services which enjoy immense popularity. However, the blanket use of online banking also increases the risk of fraud from phishing, virus outbreaks or other forms of attack. The security of the deployed IT solutions plays a central role here, which extends beyond legal requirements.

It’s all a question of trust
Especially in the financial services sector, customer trust in the security and reliability of Web-based services is essential to success in the business world. Conventional passwords no longer offer reliable protection and also represent a cost-intensive practice for providers. For this reason, institutions need new authentication mechanisms that are inherently secure, uncomplicated and user-friendly.

Secure portal login with the eID function
A simple electronic proof of identity combined with the certified electronic signature clear the way for fully digital and secure processes. With the eID function from OpenLimit, customers log on to the finance institute’s portals and unambiguously identify themselves. Phishing and other attempted fraud in online business transactions can be prevented with this electronic means of identification.

Electronic signatures as the key to success
The usage of the electronic signature opens up new, medial and strategically crucial marketing and access channels for reaching customers. Signature cards with OpenLimit software can be used for both legally binding business processes in time-lapsed offline operation (for instance the electronic conclusion of a supplementary contract), as well as for “live” transactions such as online banking.

Also for internal group use: Numerous benefits for banks and insurance companies
OpenLimit‘s software solutions and know-how enable banks and insurance companies to profit in many areas from the possibilities offered by a legally compatible electronic handling of their processes, be it the bulk digital recording of paper documentation, electronic activation procedures, legally compliant documentation processes and long-term archiving, or by sending electronic invoices. OpenLimit solutions can be easily and cheaply integrated in existing public key infrastructures (PKI).

Financial services