Legally incompliant electronic invoices
Many key players in the telecommunications sector have one thing in common: A large number of customers with a comparatively low turnover for each customer. To save money, more and more invoices are being sent digitally. In practice, this frequently takes place without a certified electronic signature, although this is necessary if the recipient wants to reclaim the VAT from the tax office.

Electronic invoices with OpenLimit
The signature solutions from OpenLimit electronically cover all forms of invoicing systems from the direct sending of invoices using EDI processes and invoice portals through to centralised credit note procedures. Any number of invoices can be signed in bulk signature processes. The IT-based further processing of digital invoice data considerably enhances efficiency for both sender and recipients. Another positive effect is that the simplified acquisition of data by the invoice recipient and the accelerated cooperation leads to a sustained consolidation of the relationship with suppliers and customers.

Interconnected processes for greater efficiency
Even internally within the company or at the point of sale, OpenLimit can contribute to a significant lowering of the costs that arise in conjunction with a paper-based document management system. Consistent process digitalisation and the associated savings in material and human resource overheads enable companies to become tangibly more efficient.