May 7, 2015

SkIDentity receives European Identity & Cloud Award

Michelau, May 7th 2015. Within the 9th European Identity & Cloud Conference (EIC) yesterday evening in Munich the innovative SkIDentity-Service of ecsec GmbH received the renowned European Identity & Cloud Award 2015 in the category „Best Innovation in eGovernment/eCitizen“.

European Award for worldwide outstanding projects and initiatives

The European Identity & Cloud Award annually honors excellent projects and initiatives in the fields of Identity & Access Management (IAM), Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) and Cloud Security. Out of the numerous nominations of the last 12 months a multi-membered jury of KuppingerCole analysts carefully selected the winners and hereby appreciates outstanding projects, which highly encourage the awareness of and business value of Identity Management and Cloud Security.

SkIDentity is honored as best innovation for eGovernment/eCitizen services

IThis year the innovative SkIDentity-Service, which was developed within the „Trusted Cloud“ program supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), is among the winners in the category „Best Innovation in eGovernment/eCitizen“. With SkIDentity various electronic identity (eID) cards like the German eID („Elektronischer Personalausweis“), the Austrian social insurance card (e-card), the Estonian eID as well as several signature and banking cards can easily be used in cloud and web applications. SkIDentity allows to derive cryptographically secured “Cloud Identities“ from any standard compliant eID card, which can be transferred to almost any smartphone in order to be used for pseudonymous authentication or a self-determined proof of identity in the Cloud. “By combining eID cards with trustworthy and mobile cloud technologies SkIDentity pioneers the path towards secure and user-friendly eGovernment- and online services“, explained Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principal Analyst of KuppingerCole. „The fact that SkIDentity itself is provided as cloud service and features ‘eID-integration by mouse clicks’ rounds off this distinguished project.”


About SkIDentity
The SkIDentity project ( is performed by an interdisciplinary team, which is coordinated by ecsec GmbH and comprises experts from ENX Association, Fraunhofer institutes for industrial engineering (IAO) and computer graphics (IGD), OpenLimit SignCubes GmbH, Ruhr University of Bochum, University of Passau, Urospace GmbH and Versicherungswirtschaftlicher Datendienst GmbH. In addition the SkIDentity team is supported by major associations and federations such as the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V., BITKOM), the German EuroCloud association (EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e.V.), the ProSTEP iViP association and TeleTrusT – IT Security Association Germany and well known enterprises such as DATEV eG, easy Login GmbH, media transfer AG, noris network AG, SAP AG and SiXFORM GmbH.


About the “Trusted Cloud” Program
The German Federal Ministry for Economic affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports through “Trusted Cloud” ( the development and testing of innovative, secure and legally valid cloud computing services with about 50 million Euro. Because the various project partners roughly bring in own resources of the same amount, the program has in total about 100 million Euro as its disposal. The “Trusted Cloud” technology program of the BMWi is part of the cloud computing initiative, which has been started by the BMWi in October 2010 together with its industrial and academic partners.


About KuppingerCole
Founded in 2004, KuppingerCole ( is a global Analyst Company headquartered in Europe focusing on Information Security and Identity and Access Management (IAM). We further specialize in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC). Our analysts are experienced in deriving corporate value from securing and maintaining information security and privacy across cloud, mobile and social computing platforms.

KuppingerCole’s values are expertise, thought leadership, neutrality and outstanding practical relevance. We support corporate users, integrators and software manufacturers in meeting both tactical and strategic challenges. Maintaining a balance between immediate implementation and long-term viability is at the heart of KuppingerCole’s philosophy.

Under the leadership of founder Martin Kuppinger, KuppingerCole’s highly qualified and globally recognized analysts continuously research and update our online research library, and perform manufacturer-independent advisory services.

Among others, our analysts include identity expert Matthias Reinwarth, (cloud) security experts Mike Small, Amar Singh, Dr. Eric Cole and Alexei Balaganski; GRC, infrastructure and implementation experts Dr. Horst Walther, Rob Newby and Dr. David Goodman; Information Security and Data Privacy experts Dr. Karsten Kinast and Dr.Scott David, IAM specialist and Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger and Identity Management veteran Dave Kearns.

KuppingerCole organizes conferences, workshops, and webcasts in the fields of Information Security, IAM and Cloud. Our European Identity & Cloud Conference is Europe’s leading event for thought leadership and best practice in Identity & Access, Cloud and Digital Risk.

About OpenLimit SignCubes
OpenLimit SignCubes AG ( was founded in 2002 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the publicly traded OpenLimit Holding AG. The company is headquartered in Baar, Switzerland and has a subsidiary in Berlin, Germany. The group currently employs more than 60 highly qualified employees.

OpenLimit stands for the secure electronic handshake. Our technologies enable people and machines globally to communicate without restrictions securely, identifiably and provably. We develop base technologies and products in the following areas: electronic identities, electronic signatures, evidentiary value-preserving long-term storage of data and documents and secure data transmission between machines. Our technologies are an integral part of products from leading developers of IT applications for government and industry with an impact on each individual. To achieve this, we enter carefully selected strategic development and distribution partnerships.

SkIDentity receives European Identity & Cloud Award