Jun 17, 2014

OpenLimit and Maingate bring unique energy management solution to the German market

A Smart Meter Gateway with pre-integrated consumer engagement services has arrived in Germany. The Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW), developed by OpenLimit and Power Plus Communications AG, is unrestricted, allowing the integration of technology from any service provider. The SMGW, together with Maingate's  mvio™ platform, provides a bundled solution which is now ready for market, supporting the smart meter roll-out, as well as providing a set of pre-verified consumer engaging services. This is the only energy management solution of its kind on the German utility market today.

Berlin & Stockholm, June 17 2014. In the summer of 2011, the German federal government passed wide-ranging requirements for the introduction of gas and electricity metering systems. The amendments of the Energy Act (“Energiewirtschaftsgesetz” or EnWG in German) necessitate the rollout of smart metering for electricity and gas.

“We have had our eyes on the German market since the announcement that all of the country’s nuclear power plants will be closed by 2022,” says Baard Eilertsen, CEO of Maingate. “This is really where the future of the utility market is decided. We are very proud to roll out this innovative solution in one of the world’s largest energy markets.”

During the next few years, millions of smart metering systems will be deployed in Germany. The SMGW is a central component in these systems, as it provides an interface between the energy consumers and the authorized energy market players. The SMGW secures access to smart grid applications while guaranteeing the protection of consumer data. By adding consumer engagement services such as energy consumption in real-time, forecasts based on previous behaviour, integrations with social media services, and more, the solution supports both the regulatory requirements and provides true value for the customers.

“The key to achieving an optimized restructuring of a grid-based energy supply is the introduction of intelligent metering systems with smart meter gateways”, explains Marc Gurov, CEO of Openlimit. “The Maingate technologies further increase the benefits of the new infrastructure for the consumer and already enjoy great success in other European countries. We are excited about the cooperation with this great player and sure of the project’s success.”

In the Nordics, a 15-percent energy consumption reduction has been proven in both piloted and commercially rolled-out consumer engagement services for energy efficiency. If all households in Germany were to reduce their energy consumption by 15 percent, this would result in savings of more than 20 billion kilowatt hours. This equals economic savings of more than 6 billion € for German households as well as great savings for the environment. Enabling a smart meter gateway with value-added energy services from day one makes these savings easy to reach.

“With this solution we will give the German utilities a system that truly supports the regulatory requirements as well as the consumers’ needs to engage with their utility”, says both Marc Gurov and Baard Eilertsen.

About OpenLimit SignCubes
OpenLimit SignCubes AG (www.openlimit.com) was founded in 2002 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the publicly traded OpenLimit Holding AG. The company is headquartered in Baar, Switzerland and has a subsidiary in Berlin, Germany. The group currently employs more than 60 highly qualified employees.

OpenLimit stands for the secure electronic handshake. Our technologies enable people and machines globally to communicate without restrictions securely, identifiably and provably. We develop base technologies and products in the following areas: electronic identities, electronic signatures, evidentiary value-preserving long-term storage of data and documents and secure data transmission between machines. Our technologies are an integral part of products from leading developers of IT applications for government and industry with an impact on each individual. To achieve this, we enter carefully selected strategic development and distribution partnerships.

About Maingate
Founded in 1998, Wireless Maingate AB (www.maingatesolutions.com) is an ICT company, providing M2M Connectivity Services and Information Management Services to customers around Europe. We are a trusted partner to more than 1.000 customers, including leading utilities such as E.ON, Fortum and Vattenfall. We work closely with leading technology partners such as Gemalto, Oberthur, Schneider Electric, Kamstrup, Telia, Tele2 and Deutsche Telekom. Today we connect more than 55 % of all smart meters in Sweden, 20 % of all smart meters in Finland, 70 % of the Point-of-Sales terminals in Sweden and 40 % of all residential alarms in Sweden. Maingate is a company in the Nordic VC Verdane Capital fund VI.

Maingate mvio™ is a cloud-based platform for information management. mvio™ gathers, analyses, stores and distributes data in realtime and is the core for services both targeted at end-users as well as the customers’ business processes. mvio™ is specifically designed to cater for the needs for energy efficiency, but also supports general information management for the Internet of Things (IoT).

About Power Plus Communications
Power Plus Communications (www.ppc-ag.com), Mannheim, Germany, is a leading provider of Broadband Powerline communications systems (BPL) and BSI Protection Profile compliant Smart Meter Gateways for secure Smart Metering and Smart Grids. The Smart Meter Gateway developed in partnership with security specialist OpenLimit SignCubes AG, offers the utmost in data protection and data security within the field of smart metering. At PPC we understand that the roll-out of a single communications solution is not always the case. For this reason our Smart Meter Gateway is available for BPL, mobile technology and Ethernet, offering our customers complete flexibility at all times.

As a pioneer of BPL technology, PPC has outstanding experience and expertise in the energy and telecommunications fields. Together with leading European distribution network operators and utilities, PPC has developed BPL networks on electricity grids supplying more than 1,000,000 people. PPC’s open, standards-based BPL communications technology uses the existing electricity grid itself for broadband, real-time, encrypted and Internet Protocol based data transfer. The robustness, availability and accessibility of BPL at the meter and the performance of the data transfer over the power grid all make BPL an ideal communications platform for the roll-out of BSI compliant metering systems in Germany.

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Wireless Maingate Nordic AB
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Power Plus Communciations AG
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OpenLimit and Maingate bring unique energy management solution to the German market