Dec 7, 2011

OpenLimit presents QryptoVesta: Signing without card and card reader

Efficient signature solution for large enterprises and public administrations

QryptoVesta offers its users the possibility to sign and encrypt any document or email. The software takes advantage of digital signatures based on soft certificates. Thus the use of signature cards and card readers can be omitted. “QryptoVesta is a well-balanced triad between process optimization, IT security and user-friendliness,” says Reinhard Stüber, Senior Vice President at OpenLimit. ”This software enables us to provide large companies and public administrations, which have a high degree of internal coordination, with a lean and cost-saving solution. The single license is available at a net price of 14.90 euros!”

QryptoVesta optimizes internal business processes

In every company, organization or association invoices, budget requests, applications for leave or procedural documents are approved and signed by hand on paper. Especially concerning inter-site cooperation or approval processes with several participants, the paper-based work costs a lot of time and money. With QryptoVesta you can optimize and digitally map internal processes as your employees simply sign the appropriate documents via mouse click on the computer. This signature technology can also be integrated into other IT systems with the help of a Software Development Kit (SDK).

QryptoVesta for sensitive documents

The amount of confidential data on corporate networks is on the rise. Often, access regulations and manipulation security of digital documents are not treated with caution. The QryptoVesta encryption technologies enhance the security of confidential data of your organization. QryptoVesta enables your staff to send encrypted emails and protect documents against unauthorized access and manipulation. That way author and recipient can be sure that content cannot be changed unnoticed and the virtual identity of the signer can be proved without doubt.

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OpenLimit presents QryptoVesta: Signing without card and card reader

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