Aug 22, 2011

OpenLimit presents new consumer product QryptoMobile in collaboration with the International Judo Federation

QryptoMobile is a USB stick for secure browsing, email and data storage

In the run-up to the Judo World Championships in Paris, one of the greatest sports events on the European continent this year, Rene C. Jaeggi, Vice President and Delegate of the Board of Directors at OpenLimit Holding AG, and Marc Gurov, CEO of OpenLimit Group, together with Marius L. Vizer, President of the International Judo Federation (IJF) as well as S. Vlad Marinescu, Director of Presidential Office of the IJF, officially launched the new QryptoMobile product. The secure data device, which boasts many useful features for individual Judokas, coaches and officials alike, was presented to 2,000 selected representatives at the IJF’s Ordinary Congress last Saturday, The bi-annual Ordinary Congress, supreme body of the IJF, traditionally takes place just prior to the World Championship tournament and this year celebrated the IJF’s 60th anniversary. „QryptoMobile is a USB stick with a personalized soft certificate, on which the user stores encrypted documents, emails and browser data,“ explains Mr. Jaeggi, who is also one of six official ambassadors of the IJF. „The IJF is our first customer. With its own branding and an innovative information channel for the international Judo community included the IJF is now in position to offer every national federation a mobile data security solution that is exceptionally suited for use in day-to-day training, at competitions and sponsoring events.“

„With QryptoMobile we can enable the forty million Judoka worldwide to carry their mobile data with them securely and at all times,“ says Mr. Marinescu. „Many of our trainers and officials have been using USB sticks for some time now, but their, in part extremely sensitive documents were stored in unencrypted form. OpenLimit and its QryptoMobile will play a key role in helping us solve this issue.“

The first version of the QryptoMobile USB stick is offered with four main functionalities: secure email, browser, data safe and information channel. From every PC or Mac, the QryptoMobile user can store encrypted sensitive data or send and receive them via email. Thanks to encryption and password protection no confidential information can fall into wrong hands even if the stick gets lost or stolen. One of the special features is the encrypted data safe, which can only be opened after entering a specific password.

„We´ve already started conversations with several other federations, associations and companies,“ says Mr. Gurov. „Due to the innovative concept of combining our highly secure software technologies with other components on a USB stick, we´re expecting positive results even in markets that so far have not been particularly open to embrace electronic signature and encryption technology.“

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OpenLimit presents new consumer product QryptoMobile