Apr 6, 2011

New Version of OpenLimit Signature Software certified in Accordance with German Digital Signature Act

OpenLimit Base Components successfully re-evaluated
In March 2011, the latest version of OpenLimit base components were evaluated and re-certified according to Common Criteria and the German digital signature Act. Consequently, the integrity and security of qualified electronic signatures generated using OpenLimit signature products of the version is certified by the highest legal authority.

medCompact Card Reader is supported
New to version is the support of the medCompact card reader of Hypercom. ”Our e-health-terminal is the first on the German market which is supported by a certified signature software”, says Ulf Hönick, Vice President eHealth at Hypercom. “Because of the wide experience of OpenLimit with software certifications the evaluation process was completed very quickly and without any problems. For this reason OpenLimit CC Sign is the very first client signature software which both supports a card reader validated by Gematik and has been officially certified. Owners of the German health professional card and the electronic health card therefore no longer need to rely simply on a manufacturer's declaration provided by a software vendor. With OpenLimit CC Sign they can trust in software which has been scrutinized and certified by the Government.

Increasing revenue expected in the health sector
„From the re-evaluation of our signature software and the support of the e-health terminals from Hypercom, we expect increased sales opportunities with medical associations and chambers, data centers and hospital IT-producers" explained Dirk Arendt, Head of Corporate Communications at OpenLimit. “Based on OpenLimit version, holders of the German health professional card can encrypt their patient-accompanying documentation by D2D, sign electronic discharge letters using XML and sign statements with a qualified electronic signature- all possible using one certified software suite.

New update available early in May
Current users of older versions of OpenLimit CC Sign can upgrade to the new version for free. The update is available on the website of OpenLimit www.openlimit.com from early May 2011.

New Version of OpenLimit Signature Software certified in Accordance with German Digital Signature Act