Dec 1, 2011

OpenLimit eID-Server now runs on Microsoft Windows Server

Microsoft technologies support activities around the new German ID card

The OpenLimit eID-Server can now be applied in data centers that operate server systems on the basis of Microsoft Windows. As a result of the close cooperation, Microsoft and OpenLimit have succeeded in porting the eID-Server software to Windows Server 2008 in a short time.

The eID-Server is used for online identification with the new ID card. Those who wish to include the user authentication with the eID card in the online procedure need to integrate an interface to an eID-Server into their website. Within the identification process the eID-Server assumes the role of a confidence-inspiring instance. The eID-Server verifies if the service provider is entitled to request data of the ID card and if the ID card is authentic or was reported stolen. In order to keep personal data confidential during transfer, the eID-Server encrypts and signs data in a way that it is secure in the communication channel.

“The new ID card as innovative and important trusted infrastructure on the Internet will be the more successful in the implementation the more application scenarios arise that become useful for German citizens in everyday life. With the OpenLimit eID-Server based on the Microsoft Windows Server there is now a much broader basis for such scenarios that will result in noticeable benefits and enhanced security on the Internet,” said Thomas Langkabel, National Technology Officer at Microsoft Germany.

“The eID-Server on the Microsoft platform is interesting, especially for large IT service providers that offer a wide range of service providing to their customers,” said Dirk Arendt, Head of Corporate Communications at OpenLimit. “The solution of the bilateral authentication with AusweisApp and eID-Server sets global standards in the identity management. Other EU countries as well as countries in the Asian region will adopt the online identification ‘Made in Germany‘. That is why the cooperation with Microsoft plays an important role for us. “

In Germany the new ID card has been available since October 1st, 2010. Until now approximately 8.5 million new ID cards have been issued by the authorities.

OpenLimit eID-Server now runs on Microsoft Windows Server


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