Oct 31, 2011

Successful market launch of Fujitsu SecDocs

First reference projects show impressive eGovernment potential of the reliable archiving solution

Under the motto “Longer than a Human Life – SecDocs 2012” representatives of Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH and OpenLimit SignCubes AG met last week. In celebration of the OEM agreement conclusion between two companies and the market launch of „Fujitsu SecDocs powered by OpenLimit“ three pilot customers presented their reference projects in the Munich headquarter of Fujitsu. “All projects stand independently,” said Marc Gurov, CEO of OpenLimit. “They emphasize the potential of application of the joint archiving solution which demonstrably brings in line with the administrative efficiency and data security,” explained Gurov.

At this year´s CeBIT both partners officially announced the start of operations of SecDocs with the involvement of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). As the first pilot customer the Unfallkasse Post Telekom (UKPT) started the operation of SecDocs in spring 2011 in order to optimize the electronic invoice processing and document archiving. The UKPT is the very first public casualty insurance in Germany, which has introduced the complete software solution for the evidentiary value-preserving, long-term archiving.

In another SecDocs project the Central Data Office of Baden-Wuerttemberg has managed to electronically display the previous paper-based BAföG application procedure by combining the benefits of the archiving solution and the new identity card. In this way the OpenLimit eID-Server guarantees a reliable online authentication procedure between the applicant and public administration. SecDocs generates the media-resistant procedural conclusion after electronically verifying and processing all documents, ensures the elimination of cost-intensive paper archive.

The msg systems AG integrates SecDocs for the tablet solution 'GovPad', which is being developed in collaboration with OpenLimit at the moment. GovPad enables decision-makers in politics and public administration to securely access information and documents, to exchange or edit them with their tablet PC at any time and also on the go. By utilizing the integrated SecDocs it is even possible to sign and archive electronic data with „GovPad”.

To sum up: Fujitsu SecDocs powered by OpenLimit
“Fujitsu SecDocs powered by OpenLimit” is a product designed for the confidential archiving of digital documents. SecDocs is currently undergoing Common Criteria certification by the German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI). It combines the high-availability storage of large volumes of documents with sustained preservation of evidentiary value in a flexible and multifunctional solution. The middleware stores the documents in standardized durable memory systems based on open standards in such a way that they remain readable and can be migrated in the long term. The process used to regularly check the validity of the signatures and over-signatures runs automatically using future-proof algorithms.

For further information please read here: http://www.openlimit.com/en/products/secdocs.html

Successful market launch of Fujitsu SecDocs

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