Sep 16, 2011

AusweisApp 1.4 supports electronic residence permit

OpenLimit eID-Server upgraded with new identification document and endowed with considerably higher performance

The new version of the AusweisApp is available for download from today. The AusweisApp 1.4 supports, in addition to the ID card, the electronic residence permit which has been issued by the German government since the beginning of this month. Furthermore, it also works with Mozilla Firefox 6. In the context of the revision of AusweisApp OpenLimit also delivers a new version of the eID-Server. The new version distinctly gains more rapidity. In the future, eID-Service providers with OpenLimit servers can carry out 15 times more authentication requests per minute than before. Moreover, OpenLimit makes available a completely revised administration surface with new functions of client management and server configuration for eID-Server.

Electronic residence permit available from September 2011
From September 1, 2011 Germany grants all non-EU citizens an electronic residence permit (eAT). The eAT replaces the previous residence permit that was integrated as a sticker in the passport. It is now available in the handy credit card format just as the new ID card. The eAT is endowed with an online identification function which allows card holders to securely authenticate themselves on the internet. There are 4 million non-EU citizens living in Germany.

Holders of the new ID card or the eAT can download the new AusweisApp version 1.4 at the official AusweisApp portal of the German Federal Office for Information Security

AusweisApp supports electronic residence permit