Feb 14, 2011

OpenLimit SignCubes GmbH joins the German association ‘Sichere Identität Berlin-Brandenburg’

Lately representatives of the OpenLimit SignCubes GmbH in Berlin have signed the membership application of the association ‘Sichere Identität Berlin-Brandenburg’. “Unambiguous and reliable identities have become increasingly important on the Internet concerning both economic and social aspects,” says Dirk Arendt, Director Business Development of OpenLimit. “The membership in the association ‘Sichere Identität Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.’ strengthens our regional network concerning this matter. We intend to participate in joint funded projects, win new customers and exchange and expand technical knowledge as well.”

The association brings together regional companies and organisations working in the field of secure identities. As technological network, business cluster and expert panel, the association represents its members, combines competencies and contributes to the integration of economic, scientific and political actors. The association aims to improve the general conditions for innovations in the field of ‘secure identities’ in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. On the one hand the cooperation between research, development, production and marketing needs to be improved. On the other hand exchange of information and a strong public presence will lead to a better perception of developments concerning identity security.

“We are glad to have gained OpenLimit as new member – a company with excellent know-how in the field of digital identities,” says Ulrich Hamann, CEO of ‘Sichere Identität Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.’. “Now there are 20 members working together on new research and customer projects in our regional partner network.”

For more information concerning the association ‘Sichere Identität Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.’, please see www.sichere-identitaet-bb.de.

OpenLimit SignCubes GmbH joins the German association ‘Sichere Identität Berlin-Brandenburg’