Oct 24, 2011

In collaboration with msg systems and Medienkonzepte OpenLimit introduces the tablet solution for politics and public administration 'GovPad'

New eGovernment application for iPad guarantees the secure access to documents on the go and at any time

The consortium consisting of msg systems AG, Medienkonzepte GmbH and OpenLimit SignCubes AG has pooled its expertise in the development of the iPad application „GovPad“. For the first time GovPad enables decision-makers in politics and public administration to securely access information and documents, to exchange or edit them with their tablet PC at any time and on the go. By utilizing the integrated OpenLimit archiving solution Fujitsu SecDocs it is even possible to sign and archive electronic data with „GovPad”.

Nowadays more and more key players in politics and public administration use mobile applications on tablet PC in their work. In this connection GovPad opens up new horizons for them to cooperate, network and participate. „With GovPad players in politics and public administration save time in handling and exchanging document-based tasks everywhere. The tablet solution has been developed in collaboration with our partners in such a way that the requirements for data security and the intuitive utilization of the app go well together,“ says Dirk Arendt, Head of Corporate Communications at OpenLimit.

Official product presentation on November 8th – 9th at the 15th Modernen Staat
At the trade fair "Moderner Staat" on November 8th – 9th, 2011 in Berlin msg systems and OpenLimit will introduce the tablet application to the public for the first time. At booth 351 a specific practice example will demonstrate how mobile devices are used in the modern public administration. OpenLimit cordially invites all interested visitors to come to the company´s booth.

Find out more about Modernen Staat here.

OpenLimit introduces with partners the tablet solution for politics and public administration 'GovPad'


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