Apr 8, 2010

Fujitsu and OpenLimit prepare trustworthy, long-term archiving solution for global operation

International preservation of evidentiary value with the SecDocs solution
Fujitsu and OpenLimit have now taken steps for the international deployment of their joint solution for the trustworthy, long-term archiving of data, SecDocs. Fujitsu had already received the certificate ID for certification by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in time for CeBIT 2010. This makes SecDocs the first solution to be evaluated by the BSI with regard to the key underlying technologies for the preservation of evidentiary value for the long-term archiving of data. As a result, it will be the first solution world-wide to be awarded certification in line with the "Common Criteria EAL4+" international security criteria based on the ArchiSafe protection profile and the Technical Guideline 03125. As the certificate is up to now globally unique, it is also recognised and highly rated abroad. SecDocs is therefore ready for deployment outside of the EU, as well as in Asian countries or the USA.

Evaluation in practice
Initial tests of the basic technology developed by Fujitsu and OpenLimit for the internationally trustworthy, long-term storage and archiving of data will be conducted by premium customers in the second half of 2010. Among them is the Thüringen (Specialised) Judiciary, which will be deploying SecDocs on a test basis from the 3rd quarter of 2010.

Norbert Naumann, head of the "Modernisation of the Judiciary, Information Technology, EDP Co-ordination, Electronic Legal Communication, Just-in-form, Quality Management, Controlling" project group at the Thüringen Ministry of Justice explains: "Digital long-term archiving is a huge challenge for the judiciary. For this reason, we are particularly delighted that an internationally acknowledged technology such as SecDocs can be tested at Thüringen's (Specialised) Judiciary."

SecDocs - the solution
SecDocs is a service-oriented archiving solution for preserving the evidentiary value of documents, using time stamps and electronic signatures for the archiving process. The solution is the result of intensive collaboration between Fujitsu, OpenLimit and NetApp, and combines their know-how in the respective areas of expertise. With its multi-layer, modular design, it features multi-organisation capability, and was developed for cross-platform use with the most commonly deployed operating systems und middleware solutions. A host of interfaces for integration in various storage systems and trust centres allows for flexible deployment of the solution by its operators.

Sven Mulder, Senior Director for Public Contractors at Fujitsu Technology Solutions: "The application for certification prior to CeBIT and the international deployment capability add momentum to our interest in trustworthy long-term archiving. We assume that the initial tests, including those at international level, will demonstrate the significance of trustworthy long-term archiving, and will show how companies and institutions can master this challenge with SecDocs."

Marc J. Gurov, CEO of OpenLimit AG is convinced: "In particular, it was the outstanding quality of the co-operation between the two companies which paved the way for a globally unique product. In a word, OpenLimit is proud of its collaboration with its global partner, Fujitsu."

Fujitsu and OpenLimit prepare SecDocs for global operation