Aug 12, 2010

New version of AusweisApp delivered

Application software for new personal ID card satisfies strictest accessibility requirements
Last Tuesday, OpenLimit made test version 4 of AusweisApp available to the German Ministry of the Interior (BMI). This latest version of the application software for the new German ID card is now available to 200 companies and public authorities who are subjecting the card to applicational tests. "In this new Version 4, the powerful functionality of AusweisApp now above all include features for assuring user accessibility and providing proxy capability," explains Dr. Stephan Lachmann, project manager for AusweisApp at OpenLimit. "We have also integrated the new name 'AusweisApp' in all the dialogue windows, functions and user manuals." The software previously used to be known under the name 'Bürgerclient'. "The new ID card can come on November 1st," Dirk Arendt, Vice President Business Development at OpenLimit, is pleased to say. "We are right on schedule with AusweisApp."

AusweisApp is a software for everyone
"AusweisApp is designed to be easily usable by all citizens," explains Arendt. "For this reason, we invested a lot of time during the entire development phase in designing a particularly user-friendly graphical interface." The reworked user interface of test version 4, with its easily comprehensible visual language and clear, simple words, makes an extremely homogenous impression. Physically challenged people can also comfortably use the software. So-called screen readers harmonize with AusweisApp allowing screen contents to be read out loud by the computer. Users can also scale the size of fonts and images and individually adjust the display contrast. This enables limitations in colour perception to be technically bypassed. AusweisApp is conformant with the Ordinance on the Creation of Accessible Information Technology (BITV) and will be evaluated in compliance with the standards DIN 9241 and 14915.

AusweisApp is now proxy-capable
AusweisApp can be used in networks with proxy servers. "Some of the test users requested the proxy function. Although it was not part of the original tender, we have incorporated it and made this feature available with the new version for the application tests," says Lachmann. AusweisApp supports the HTTP/S CONNECT and SOCKSv5 proxy protocols, respectively with or without authentication.

AusweisApp sets up a secure and encrypted connection between the new German ID card, an online service provider and the eID server. With the aid of this program, in future people will be able to identify themselves on the Web and electronically sign documents.

New version of AusweisApp delivered