Oct 28, 2010

Siemens Expands Cooperation with OpenLimit

Distribution Contract Signed at the „Moderner Staat“ Exhibition
Today Siemens IT Solutions and Services GmbH and OpenLimit signed a distribution contract for the eID Server at the “Moderner Staat” exhibition. Siemens now offers customers, who want to integrate the new identity card into their applications, the OpenLimit eID-Server within the scope of their solutions’ offering for governments and companies. “The eID server by OpenLimit is a stable and mature technology and has proven itself during the one year long application test,” says Dr. Martin Matzke, head of public sector sales in Germany. “We are delighted to continue our close and successful cooperation with OpenLimit beyond the development phase of the new ID card.”

All online service providers, who want to use the new ID card for authentication processes, need to integrate an eID server into their website. The eID server validates that the service provider is authorized to request data from the ID card and checks the authenticity of the new ID card, as well as if the new ID card has been reported stolen. To ensure that the personal data is treated confidentially, the eID server encrypts and electronically signs the data. The eID server is set up as a logically independent server, and can be utilized by numerous web-applications. The eID server is multi-client functional and may also be offered as a service.

“With Siemens IT Solutions and Services we were able to win-over an important distribution partner for our eID server,” says Dirk Arendt, Vice-President Business Development at OpenLimit. „Siemens is especially well connected in the public sector, and we are expecting a considerable increase in our revenues due to this distribution partnership.”


Siemens Expands Cooperation with OpenLimit