Jul 6, 2010

New BürgerClient update handed over to BMI

BMI-BürgerClient is now called AusweisApp
OpenLimit handed over a new update of the BürgerClient to the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) last Friday. The BürgerClient is the application software for the new identity card. The software establishes the secure and encrypted connection between the identity card and the eID-server on the opposite side. With the help of this program German citizens can identify themselves on the internet in the future as well as electronically sign documents. At the moment about 200 companies and public authorities are testing the software within the context of an application test. For the entire project “New Identity Card” the highly reputed analyst group Kuppinger Cole has recently bestowed the European Identity Award on the BMI for the best project in the category e-Government.

BürgerClient supports signature with identity card and e-Health card
„The newly incorporated functionalities of the BürgerClient primarily involve the electronic signature function of the identity card and the e-Health card,“ says Armin Lunkeit, Chief Development Officer at OpenLimit. The current test version enables test persons to independently reload a certificate for the qualified electronic signature on the identity card. Furthermore, test persons can now alter the PIN for their signatures on their computers.

The BürgerClient also communicates now with the electronic e-Health card (eGK). Using a hybrid card reader which can read the contact e-Health card, the signature as well as the encryption and decryption is possible with the eGK.

„The BürgerClient stands out with its interoperability. It can be versatilely used and adapted,“ says Dirk Arendt, Vice President Business Development at OpenLimit. „It can be, for example, deployed on terminals with touch screen monitors in the future. “ For this purpose, the PIN for the electronic identity function (eID) can be now directly entered on the screen via an integrated on-screen keyboard.

AusweisApp out of BürgerClient
AusweisApp is the new name of the BürgerClient, which will be made available for download to German citizens from November 1st, 2010 by authorities. This was made public by the BMI in the middle of last week. With this catchy name the BMI hopes to arouse a higher curiosity and acceptance on the part of German citizens. All participants of the application test can download the update 2 of the test version 3 of the BürgerClient on the known website.

New BürgerClient update handed over to BMI