Mar 5, 2010

Fujitsu and OpenLimit Receive the BSI-Certification-ID for the Long-Term Archiving Solution SecDocs

Fujitsu and OpenLimit have applied for the certification of their joint solution for reliable long-term archiving, SecDocs, to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and received the Certifification-ID today. The certification is subject to international security criteria "Common Criteria EAL4+" on the basis of the ArchiSafe-protection profile and the technical guideline 03125. SecDocs, i.e. the base technologies of SecDocs, responsible for provable long-term archiving, is the first solution to be evaluated by the BSI.

At the CeBIT 2010, Bernd Kowalski, Division President of the BSI, handed over the confirmation letter, i.e. the Certification-ID, to Rupert Lehner, Head of Sales in Germany for Fujitsu Technology Solutions and Sven Mulder, Senior Director Public-Sector Clients for Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

SecDocs – The Solution
SecDocs is a service-oriented archive solution that enables provable long-term archiving of documents via time stamps and electronic signatures. The solution is the result of intensive collaboration between Fujitsu, OpenLimit and NetApp and unites their know-how from their respective areas of competence. The solution is multilayer-modular, can be used by multi-clients and was developed for the most commonly used operating systems and middleware solutions. An extensive range of connectors enables the connection to different storage systems and trust centers, enabling users to implement the solution flexibly.

In order for users to utilize the full functional spectrum of the solution, Fujitsu developed enterprise functions and complemented these with archive functions. This guarantees an extremely high availability and failure safety of the solution. The technologies which preserve the evidentiary value of electronic documents were developed by OpenLimit. With evidence records being integrated into the storage environment, users can easily migrate data to other storage technologies – regardless of the application being used today. The revision-safe data storage systems of NetApp complete the scope of services of the solution. During the implementation SecDocs into existing dynamic IT infrastructures, Fujitsu supports its customers with extensive support services.

Sven Mulder, Senior Director of Public-Sector Clients for Fujitsu Technology Solutions, says: „We are proud of the fact that with SecDocs, Fujitsu and our partners are able to begin a new era across the entire industry. Today, the next step towards the certification has been made. In the future, the certification will offer additional investment security to our customers.“

BSI-Certification-ID for SecDocs received