Oct 12, 2010

For the first time from a single source - automatic document creation and electronic signature

E&E information consultants AG and OpenLimit SignCubes AG consolidate their fields of competence and create a unique technology solution

The technology and consulting company E&E information consultants AG and the signature expert OpenLimit SignCubes AG have signed a cooperation contract today. Signature products and personal identity card are now available in conjunction with ESCRIBA, the technology solution for document processes developed by E&E. „The cooperation with E&E is a win-win situation, “ said Dirk Arendt, Vice President Business Development at OpenLimit. „The technology platform ESCRIBA with the certified software components of OpenLimit adds significant value to E&E. At the same time OpenLimit increases its sales opportunities in the SAP field. “

„The transparency and comprehensibility of document processes with ESCRIBA can be enhanced by using the signature technology of OpenLimit,“ explains Dr. Christian Behnke, head of the product department at E&E AG. ESCRIBA is one of the leading technologies for the optimization of sophisticated, document-based business processes. With the help of ESCRIBA the document creation can be automated; rule-based and transparent coordination, approval, filing and archiving processes can be safeguarded. The cooperation will enable the E&E AG to provide its clients with the wide range of technologies of OpenLimit in the near future.

As subcontractor, OpenLimit has developed the application software for the new personal identity card „AusweisApp“ as part of the contract of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI). The developers of OpenLimit also brought the proven expertise in this field in the cooperation.

Using consulting and technology solutions, the E&E AG supports companies, institutions, organizations and public authorities to create sophisticated document processes and to realign central organizational units. The clients of E&E AG are companies such as the Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, UniCredit, Vattenfall and EAD, among others.

For the first time from a single source - automatic document creation and electronic signature