Nov 9, 2010

AusweisApp available from today

OpenLimit initiates further exchange concerning the ID card
From today internet users can download the AusweisApp version 1.0 from the official AusweisApp portal of the Federal Office for Information Security. “Today OpenLimit has reached a milestone,” says Dirk Arendt, Vice President Business Development at OpenLimit. “The development of the Bürgerclient – respectively as it is called now: AusweisApp – is the biggest project in our company’s history. As we delivered the software on time, the first owners of the small card can identify themselves electronically via internet from now on.”

OpenLimit invites everybody who is interested in the new ID card and its technical infrastructure to join the discussion concerning new fields of application in the “XING-Group Personalausweis“. Participants can post and read experiences made during their application for the new ID card or when first using it. A list of the Federal Office of Administration shows where to use the electronic ID card. The list from November 5, 2010 informs about companies and authorities registered as service providers for the access to data fields of the new ID card.


AusweisApp available from today