Apr 21, 2010

OpenLimit demonstrates Bürgerclient at the "Effizienter Staat" (Efficient State)

New identity card will be displayed with qualified signature for the first time
OpenLimit, in collaboration with partners, will be present on April 27th-28th, 2010 at the administration congress „Efficient State" in dbb forum in Berlin. The exhibition focuses on the new identity card with its electronic functions. OpenLimit demonstrates the Bürgerclient, the application software for the new identity card. The software establishes the secure and encrypted connection between the ID chip, the card reader, the computer of citizens and the eID server. „In the future, citizens can identify themselves on the Internet and sign documents electronically with the help of the Bürgerclient," said Dirk Arendt, Director Business Development at OpenLimit. „At the Efficient State we are able to demonstrate the qualified signature with the new identity card for the first time. " OpenLimit has developed the Bürgerclient as subcontractor of Siemens IT Solutions and Services; which are, as general contractor of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, responsible for the new authentication solutions.

Data query of the identity card only possible via eID server
Furthermore, OpenLimit informs visitors about how to integrate an eID service in the online services of authorities and companies. The eID server functions as mediator between the provider of an online service and the computer of the user. For the electronic query of data fields in the identity card, the integration of an eID service in the service of the provider is absolutely essential. The eID server can either be operated by itself or be leased as service from a provider. OpenLimit explains to interested visitors possible scenarios and introduces its middleware for the operation of an eID server.

Numerous OpenLimit partners are present at the special exhibition „Identity Corner"
„We are very delighted that once again, many of our closest partners will be here with us at the Efficient State," said Arendt. „The onetime situation allows visitors to be informed about the entire modules of a process chain in the field „Electronic Identification" at only one stand. At this year´s exhibition every one, from trust centers, card reader manufactures to application developers, is present." At the special exhibition „Identity Corner" OpenLimit, in collaboration with Fujitsu, HSH, cit, ReinerSCT, the Fraunhofer FOKUS, DGN Service, the City Hagen and the Federal Office for Information Security as representative of European eID projects, demonstrate their solutions relating to digital identity management. A broad range of presentations on e-Identity completes the congress. For further information about this event please see http://www.openlimit.com/effizienterstaat/.

OpenLimit shows Bürgerclient at the