Jul 24, 2012

First Certification for BSI Smart Meter Gateway has started

OpenLimit and Power Plus Communications develop BSI protection profile certified Smart Meter Gateway

Power Plus Communications AG (PPC) in exclusive partnership with the OpenLimit SignCubes AG (OpenLimit), a subsidiary of OpenLimit Holding AG, have started to develop a Smart Meter Gateway. The cooperation also involves the joint production and marketing of the gateway. In a certification process (BSI-DSZ-CC-0831) that accompanies the development, the partners are implementing the guidelines of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the Smart Meter Gateway. Because the Gateway collects data from smart meters and controls decentralized power generation systems, it must meet the highest security requirements. As a specialist in digital security solutions in many sectors, OpenLimit will provide the security-specific elements for the Gateway. PPC as ICT systems provider for Smart Grids contributes to the partnership with its combined know-how of energy and communication technologies and is responsible for the development of hardware components and the protocol implementation. Sharing this wealth of experience in a successful development and certification by the Federal Office for Information Security, as well as the distribution of the Smart Meter Gateway in the German market, not only ensures the leading role but also forms the basis for offers to DNOs and opens up attractive cooperation models for partners from the industry.

Due to the amendment to the Energy Industry Act (EnWG) in the summer of 2011, the Federal Government adopted far-reaching requirements concerning the implementation of “intelligent” electricity and gas meters –- so-called Smart Meters. The Smart Meter Gateway is the interface between meters, decentralized producers and energy customers. The two partners, OpenLimit and PPC, will offer one of the first BSI-certified Smart Meter Gateways on the German market. Both companies are already working on the development of the Gateway and, together with the TÜV as technical inspection authority, on the fulfilment of certification requirements.

“We assume the first certified Smart Meter Gateway to be available on the market as of the beginning of 2013,” says Ingo Schönberg, CEO of Power Plus Communications. “With OpenLimit we have found a perfect partner. We will not only offer the BSI Gateway but also a suitable communication solution for customers and partners, using BPL technology.”

“We have extensive experience in security-related inspections and certifications concerning a wide range of software products,” adds Marc Gurov, CEO of the OpenLimit SignCubes AG. “Many of our products are already certified according to the ISO/IEC 15408 standard –Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation – and we are pleased to contribute our experience to this partnership. It offers the possibility to position ourselves in new, promising growth markets such as the smart sector, where our know-how plays a decisive role. PPC is an established and innovative partner with a large amount of experience in the energy market and we look forward to a long-term and very successful cooperation.”

First Certification for BSI Smart Meter Gateway has started