Jan 17, 2012

OpenLimit presents free signature software for ID Card and eHealth Card

SignaturApp presented at the conference OMNICARD for the first time

In the course of the trade conference OMNICARD in Berlin, a conference for the smart card / smart object community, today OpenLimit presents the SignaturApp a software for signing with the ID card and the eHealth card. Visitors are invited to get an impression of signing documents with qualified electronic signatures (QES). The SignaturApp will be available free of charge from March 6, 2012, on time to the official start of the CeBIT.

“The roll-out for the two important card projects eID card and eHealth card has successfully started and the number of cards on the market is increasing,” said Marc Gurov, CEO at OpenLimit. “The SignaturApp offers holders of these cards the possibility to electronically sign documents legally compliant without the need for buying additional software. In addition, we want to use the launch of the SignaturApp to start a dialog with health insurance companies and trust centers about bringing signature certificates faster to the market and making it available for citizens.“

Using the OpenLimit SDK, the signature function can be integrated into any specialized procedure and website. Every owner of an ID card or eHealth card with integrated QES certificate is able to electronically sign contracts, applications or supplemental agreements in accordance with law. Moreover, the eHealth card authentication certificate is supported by the SignaturApp.

The SignaturApp is fully compatible with the AusweisApp, also developed by OpenLimit. This way, card holders can use the electronic identification function of the eID card in parallel without any difficulties. In addition, companies and authorities have the possibility to combine the SignaturApp with solutions of the new generation OpenLimit product range such as CC Sign, BatchSign or eID Server for professional use.

The SignaturApp will be available for download free of charge on the OpenLimit website from March 6, 2012.

OpenLimit presents free signature software for ID Card and eHealth Card